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This Is Public Health, a brand run by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, raises awareness about education and career options in public health through student ambassadors, graduate fairs, partnerships, interprofessional activities, and other pipeline-building events for students.

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Hello everyone!  My name is Michelle, and I will be taking over TIPH social media this week.
I am a 2nd year MPH student at the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Northern Colorado. My concentration is community health education. I also work at our local health department promoting women’s health screenings. This week I will be discussing women’s health, cervical cancer awareness, and the built environment’s interaction with our health. These are a few of my current interests and passions in public health. I look forward to interacting with you all! @colorado.sph 
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The first step to addressing diet culture’s impact on public health is to define it! Diet culture within itself is not just one thing, but tons of societal and historical influences that continue to affect our views of health and body size today. 
Over the next few days, I’ll be pointing out specific ways that diet culture impacts public health practices and how to combat it as public health professionals! 
Thanks for reading! #ambassadortakeover #tiph #rollwave @tulane_sphtm @tu.nutrition 
Source: UC San Diego Recreation - Anita Daryanani
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Happy first week of 2022 🎉
My name is Cheyanne and I’ll be taking over TIPH’s social media this week to talk about serious mental illness and public health.
I'm in my second year of a three year dual masters degree program in Social Work and Public Health at Stony Brook University. I have worked in psychiatric research for over 6 years, and for the last 4 I’ve been the lead interviewer on a 27+ year longitudinal study of first episode psychosis. This experience has introduced me to an incredibly resilient, brilliant, and kind group of individuals with serious mental illnesses. There’s a lot of misinformation and stigma surrounding serious mental illness and I’m hoping to share some information with you this week so that we, as future public health professionals (and humans!), can help. @sbupublichealth 
#AmbassadorTakeover #publichealth #mentalhealth #seriousmentalillness #SMI #sbu #stonybrookuniversity #tiph #thisispublichealth
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As we go into the holidays, get vaccinated, protect yourself and your loved ones. The COVID 19 vaccine remains the best protection against the virus and its variants. 

Protect yourself and your community. Feel free to add a comment or ask a question in the comment section below.

Happy Holidays!

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Public health has advanced in a lot of ways. From advances in vital statistics records to reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity.

We should never forget the role of vaccination in preventing deadly childhood and other infectious diseases. 

Also, improved life expectancy through safer foods, water and roads. Healthy strategies to prevent chronic diseases and prolong life. 

Public health professionals rock!

#ambassadortakeover #thisispublichealth #publichealthrocks #publichealthachievements
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Hello everyone, my name is Ngozi, and I will be taking over TIPH social media this week. I am a second year MPH student in Epidemiology at the Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University.
My research interests are infectious disease, maternal & child health and health disparities. This week I will be highlighting Public Health and its achievements with a focus on maternal and child health. 
I look forward to sharing my interests with you. Kindly feel free to drop comments and /or questions you may have about Public Health in the comment section. 

#ambassadortakeover #epidemiology  #publichealth #drexeluniversity
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As the holiday season continues, many plan to host larger celebrations and the immunization status of guests is becoming a topic of conversation. We are helping to make it easier to share your vaccination status with these bold new graphics. 

Learn how to access the downloadable files via the link in our bio.
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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I will be taking over TIPH social media this week as a part of #AmbassadorTakeover. I'm currently a second-year PhD student in Epidemiology at University of Maryland School of Public Health. I have many research interests, but most recently I am focused on COVID-19, vaccination, and vaccine hesitancy. I also have a passion for sharing information about public health - usually I do this as a Teaching Assistant (shout out to my students this semester). I am excited that this week I get to share with all of you!

Please feel free to drop questions you have about public health graduate studies in the comments.

#universityofmaryland #epidemiology
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