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This Is Public Health, a brand run by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, raises awareness about education and career options in public health through student ambassadors, graduate fairs, partnerships, interprofessional activities, and other pipeline-building events for students.

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Greetings from Baltimore! I’m Linda and I’m excited to host this week’s #AmbassadorTakeover for #ThisIsPublicHealth!
I’m a third-year PhD student concentrating in Health Services Research and Policy in the Department of Health Policy and Management @johnshopkinssph. I’m originally from Toronto, Canada. Prior to starting my PhD, I went to college @uchicago, completed my MPH also @johnshopkinssph, worked as a policy analyst @mdhealthdept, and was a consultant for a health economics and outcomes research firm. My research focuses on understanding the trends, predictors, and impact of care transitions on older adults with the aim of improving policies on long-term services and supports.
Growing up in a multigenerational home, I witnessed firsthand the health and social challenges my grandparents faced as they got older and this served as the impetus for my passion at the intersection of aging and public health. This week, I will highlight the challenges and opportunities to promote health and well-being of individuals as they age.
In my spare time, I enjoy podcasts (favorite is @thisamerlife), reading, and dog sitting. Be sure to follow along this week and comment below with your favorite podcast!
Creating and maintaining a sense of community among others is important in building resiliency and trust before, during, and after the response to natural disasters, outbreaks and other emergencies. Four ways to build community during COVID-19 is to:
1) Limit contact with others, practice social distancing and wearing a mask;
2) Stay informed and be aware of misinformation;
3) Acknowledge and work against reducing stigma;
and 4) Keep in contact with at-risk individuals/loved ones by calling, video chatting, email/text to reduce feelings of loneliness.

For more information on building community, please visit the CDC resource on “Prep Your Health.” - link included in story. 

#AmbassadorTakeover  #ThisIsPublicHealth
Hi y’all! My name is Amanda Mohammed and I will be doing this week’s #ThisisPublicHealth #AmbassadorTakeover! 

I’m a second-year Master of Public Health candidate in Behavioral, Social & Health Education Sciences (@bshesatrollins) @rollinspublichealth. After graduating from @abac_college in 2018, I worked as a social needs screener in rural Georgia screening Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries for the social determinants of health. Currently I’m working as an Epidemiology Assistant on the response to COVID-19 with the Georgia Department of Public Health and as a Graduate Research Assistant in academia consulting. At Emory, I serve as the Community Outreach Liaison for the Student Outbreak and Response Team (@rollinssort) a student-led org that focuses on providing students with hand-on training and experiences in outbreak response and emergency preparedness. My interest surround quality improvement methods, emergency response/preparedness, health literacy, rural health, and the intersection of public health and agriculture. 

This week, I’ll be posting topics related to National Preparedness Month and how we can all be better prepared for public health disasters! #BeReady
I remember the first day of my MPH program like it was yesterday. I didn’t have friends in Denver yet, my first class was a late night elective taught by two brilliantly knowledgeable and intimidating substance use professionals, and I was starting to wonder what I had signed myself up for. We had a guest speaker that day who filled the role of a physician, behavioral health consultant, and person in long term recovery. He spoke of his journey through med school, rehab, and recovery and how they each played fundamental roles in getting to his current career as a behavioral health consultant. I was fascinated. I remember calling my dad as I walked to my car that night and said “I’m going to work for him one day.” We both laughed. 
On the last day of that semester, in a different class, guess who the guest speaker was? Yup, Dr. Costello. After a long winter break full of internal debate, I sent him an email asking if he would be interested in taking on a practicum student over the summer. The next week we met over coffee and chatted for two hours about potential projects, career aspirations, and the endless opportunities that exist in the behavioral health policy world.
On May 8th, I started my practicum with his consulting firm working on RCORP Implementation grant in very rural Northwest Colorado. Through this grant we have been able to provide naloxone to several different agencies in the area, create culturally and linguistically appropriate informational materials to the largely Latino community, developed a comprehensive strategy map and corresponding data dashboard to monitor the outcomes of our efforts, and hosted a number of events and trainings for behavioral health specialists serving the area. 
My practicum experience has been provoking, heartbreaking, and more rewarding than I could have imagined it would be. The perspective, skills, and connections I developed throughout this experience will live within me forever and propel my career in public health forward. 

#AmbassadorTakeover #ThisIsPublicHealth 
@coloroado.SPH @sydfromalaska @suualumni #suutoeverywhere #behavioralhealth #substanceuse #endoverdose #HRSA #SAMHSA #publichealth
My name is Sydney and I am taking over this week from Denver. Let’s play a fun game, can you guess which of the following facts about me is a lie??
1. I lived in New York, Alaska, and Brazil before getting my Bachelor’s degree at Southern Utah University.
2. My favorite hobbies include impulsive road trips and camping with my dog and friends.
3. A personal goal of mine for 2020 is to read a book for each letter of the alphabet. (RECOMMENDATIONS REQUESTED)
4. My educational experience at @colorado.sph has allowed me to view all public health issues through new lens.
SPOILER ALERT!! They’re all true, I couldn’t think of a lie.
Stay tuned this week for more about me, my work surrounding behavioral health policy, and a few back to school tips.
Ate manha, boa noite!

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#AmbassadorSydney #ColoradoSPH #suutoeverywhere @suutbirds @suualumni
Do you sit more than nine hours a day? Check out the link in our story to access the Sit Less, Move More checklist that you can use to remind yourself to stay active throughout the day! 

Set a personal goal to move or change your posture at least once every 30 minutes and let me know in the comments how you sit less, move more. #AmbassadorTakeover #AmbassadorAthena #ergonomics @ucberkeleysph
Hi everyone! My name is Athena Nguyen and I will be co-hosting this week’s #AmbassadorTakeover for #ThisIsPublicHealth with Clarisse Vidal! 

I am a second-year Master of Public Health student in Global Health and Environment and Human Factors and Ergonomics at @ucberkeleysph. After graduating from @santaclarauniversity in 2018, I served as a Fulbright (@the_fulbright_program ) English Teaching Assistant in Vietnam. My interests include the social determinants of health, underrepresented communities, and ergonomics. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising, reading, and spending quality time with my friends and family.

This week, I will be posting information about human factors and ergonomics. Be sure to check out the stories and let me know your thoughts in the comments! #AmbassadorAthena