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This Is Public Health, a brand run by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, raises awareness about education and career options in public health through student ambassadors, graduate fairs, partnerships, interprofessional activities, and other pipeline-building events for students.

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" While studying biology in undergrad I didn't know I would end up in public health. To be honest, at that time I didn't know what public health was. I was first exposed to epidemiology as an undergrad through a summer course, I also volunteered at community health clinics, and interned at a local public health department before pursing an MPH in Epi. I saw the diversity of the field of public health and the ability to collaborate with experts from different backgrounds (statistics, economics, basic science, medicine, the list goes on and on) to tackle a problem impacting the health and well-being of communities. I'm passionate about pursuing a career in Epi research and teaching."
- TIPH Ambassador Kelli G., PhD Candidate, University of Nebraska Medical Center @iamunmc 
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For  I ❤ Public Health Month our TIPH Ambassadors assembled a list of their favorite public health podcasts. 

Visit our bio or today's story to access their recommendations!
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"Public health is all encompassing and ever-changing. It takes one person to recognize an issue, a group to acknowledge it and enact change, and the work of an entire professional field to advance the overall health and wellbeing across populations. We strive on collaboration to address the hard things - when disasters show face, we come prepared.”

- Amanda A.Mohammed, Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, MPH - Behavioral, Social, & Health Education Sciences @rollinspublichealth @rollinssort @bshesatrollins #I❤️PublicHealth
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Public Health is a self-less field. One where the professionals of the field always give back. From mentorship, to community engagement or even research and teaching. I love (❤) public health because there is always a need to extend compassion, assistance, or prevention to those who fall vulnerable to health disparities and crises. I’m glad that I chose the field of public health and the field has embraced me so.
~Marcus McKay, Jr., MPH-Epidemiology @umichsph #Epidemiology #PublicHealth #I❤️PublicHealth
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Hello everyone, happy Monday!

My name is Priyanka Shrestha. I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. Currently, I am a second-year Master of Public Health student at Florida International University (@fiuinstagram) with my focus on Biostatistics. I am very excited to be working on my #AmbassadorTakeover during this year’s I ❤️ Public Health month.

Health for me is best defined by WHO, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
During my takeover this week, I will focus on ways to balance our mental and social well-being during these challenging times.
I cannot wait to share our mutual passion for public health throughout the week. Let’s get started!
#fiustemple #ThisIsPublicHealth
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"I love public health because it offers sustainable, population-level ways to impact communities for generations to come. This is my way of leaving the world a little better than I found it." - TIPH Ambassador Ashley Fenton, @lsupublichealth, PhD Student, Concentration: Community Health Sciences
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"I took this picture on the headwaters of the Nile River in 2019, on a trip where my love for Public Health was realized. I have a passion for global health, for underserved communities, for non-profits, for disease prevention, and to love & serve everyone in my path in the best way I can. This quote captures my vocation, or calling, for my life, pictures one of the most beautiful places I hold dear in my heart, and encapsulates why I love Public Health so much."

Happy I ❤️ Public Health Month! #AmbassadorKatarina #thisispublichealth #I❤️PublicHealth
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Peace everyone, I’m Walae Hayek (@wala_la_la)  #tiphambassador for @busph  and I ♥ public health because it is a multi-disciplinary approach to improving health with equity and justice at the forefront. How about you? #shareyourstory #thisispublichealth #I❤️PublicHealth
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Each February we celebrate I ❤️Public Health Month by sharing the important role public health plays for our member schools and programs, faculty, staff, students, and the public health community.
Join us as we promote public health by participating in our I ❤️Public Health Month. Throughout the month we will be posting pictures, videos, quotes, and various stories from This is Public Health (TIPH) Ambassadors sharing why they are passionate about the field.
Engage with us by sharing why public health is important to you. We hope you take part in the conversation by using #I❤️PublicHealth on Instagram and #ThisIsPublicHealth on all social media platforms.
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Hi everyone, my name is Gen Zhu. Currently, I am a third-year Ph.D. student at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston(UTHealth) School of Public Health , majoring in Biostatistics. Both my bachelor's degree and master's degree are in Statistics.My research interests lie in disease networks and machine learning using real-world data such as electronic health records.

During the takeover this week, I will share why I chose Biostatistics and how we use Biostatistics and Data Science to solve public health problems. If you would like to talk more with me, you can reach out to me via Instagram DM this week. #AmbassadorTakeover #thisispublichealth @uthealthsph
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2020 was a challenging year. But there was still good in it. In our stories today, TIPH Ambassador Katarina opened it up for people to comment on good things to happen to them during 2020 and what we can celebrate from this past year going into 2021. Let’s continue that celebration here: comment below anything you’d like to celebrate or share from this past year! 👇🏼 let’s end 2020 on a positive note! 🎉 #Ambassadortakeover #happynewyear
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My name is Katarina and I will be doing an #ambassadortakeover for This Is Public Health’s social media for the next week and a haIf. I’m excited to share a bit more about myself before we get going: I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Biology in 2017 (minors in Chemistry and Classical Studies). I am currently getting my Masters in Public Health, specializing in Population Health Research and Analytics at the @uofnorthdakota. I also have a passion for Global Health, Public Health policy and infectious disease which works perfectly into my current job as the Lead COVID-19 Case Manager for the UND COVID-19 contact tracing team under the North Dakota Department of Health. I LOVE my job. I currently lead a team of 70+ individuals in COVID-19 contact tracing and case investigations. Working in public health during this time has been such an amazing opportunity and has laid the ground work in connections, finding a passion, gaining experience before graduating and so much more. As you will find out, I am a very passionate person and finding a “why” drives me. I don’t love COVID-19. No one does, but I’ve experienced losing a loved one to this horrible pandemic and protecting others in slowing the spread in my job: that’s what keeps me going. It’s so that no one else will have to experience what I’ve experienced.
Ok enough about the sappy stuff: We are going to have fun this next week and a half. I am going to cover all sorts of things: my experience working from home, more about my job, what it’s like being a public health grad student during a pandemic, doing Q&As so I can hear from YOU, polls, sharing stories, talking about GOOD NEWS, happy things from 2020 and ringing in 2021 with (dare I say…) JOY! Follow along here for posts and stories I will share, you can also follow my personal page too @kdomitrovich! I can’t wait to interact with you!
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