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This Is Public Health, a brand run by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, raises awareness about education and career options in public health through student ambassadors, graduate fairs, partnerships, interprofessional activities, and other pipeline-building events for students.

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TIPH Ambassador Alyssa R Shares #WhyIVote:

I #vote because my voice matters - as a woman and daughter of immigrants, my parents’ hard work to become American citizens has shown me how important it is to have a say here. Researching candidates and issues in preparation to vote in every election, national or local, also connects me more closely to the political goings-on around me and has taught me so much about our responsibility to be educated, active citizens. And of course, as we’ve all seen recently, public health and public politics are inextricable, so it’s extremely important to vote on those issues right now! “It’s never too early to start explaining to young people: ‘the government’ is you.” -Barack Obama #whyivote #thisispublichealth
Happy Saturday! #Ambassadors Ashley and Emily here. 

Are you searching for your authentic health career? One that best fits your unique talents, passions, goals, and lived experience? Are you wondering how others are navigating the uncertainty of finding a career during a pandemic? 

Join us tomorrow from 5-6 pm PST (8-9 pm EST) for a Q&A/discussion with author Jeffrey Oxendine as we wrap up our TIPH Fall 2020 Book Club. Whether you are a student or recent graduate, a health professional, or are considering a career change to the health field, this book provides the framework, exercises and insights you need to advance form where you are today to experience the joy, power, and success that comes from living your authentic life and career. 

Don’t miss this opportunity! You don’t have to be a member of our Fall Book Club to participate. See the link in our bio to register. We can’t wait to see you there!

#ThisIsPublicHealth #TIPHFallBookClub2020 #AmbassadorPost
Join us Wednesday, Oct 21st for an ASPPH Presents Webinar: Where Public Health and Transportation Collide.

Every day we rely on transportation to get us from point A to point B. From driving our vehicles, riding public transportation, riding our bikes, to walking, transportation is a significant part of our daily lives. However, transportation is a leading cause of death.
In this interactive webinar, we will discuss the role of public health within transportation, current challenges faced within impaired driving and occupant protection, and how injury prevention methods are implemented to protect lives on our roadways.
Prevention measures are key to decrease serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways. You can be a part of the solution. During National Teen Driver Safety Week, we encourage all road users to join us and learn how you can create a safer driving environment.

Learn more by visiting the link in our bio! 

Hi everyone! 

My name is Walae Hayek and I’m a second year MPH candidate at Boston University School of Public Health. My concentration is in Community Assessment, Program Development, Implementation, & Evaluation. 

I’m excited to host this week’s #AmbassadorTakeover for #ThisIsPublicHealth. I’m an EMT and my clinical research focuses on disparities in emergency psychiatric services. I’m passionate about mental wellness, health equity in emergency services, and the impact of cultural humility on health outcomes. 

I’m also really into visual arts, exercise, and fashion and enjoy finding ways to merge these interests into my public health practice. 

This month is #healthliteracymonth and we will be having live discussions with professionals in the field about the role of cultural competency in health communications. I am also excited to share with you all the impact of Public Health and how it has changed our everyday lives! @busph
With today being the final day of my #AmbassadorTakeover, I wanted to leave you with the contact information for the following resources. Please remember that help is out there and you are NOT weak for seeking it. It is truly a sign of strength. There are brighter days ahead. 💚

#ambassadortakeover #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalhealthmatters #thisispublichealth
Self care is so important! With the way 2020 has been, it’s easy to push off taking care of yourself, but practicing self-care has so many mental and physical benefits.

My favorite form of self-care is popping my headphones in, turning on a podcast, and taking a walk. Oh and indulging in some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, too! It’s all about balance, right? 😅😂

Share how you practice self care below!

#ambassadortakeover #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalhealthmatters #selfcare
Today's the big day! Make sure to tune in to our Facebook Live at 7:30 EST with Bill Kvalheim, founder of @tackledpression. We will be discussing mental health, stigma, its impact on athletes, and more!

#AmbassadorTakeover #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #MentalHealthMatters #ThisIsPublicHealth
Are you ready for me to get a bit vulnerable? Read #MyStory below.

Almost a year ago today, I posted this picture on my personal social media accounts, with the following caption:

"In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay, I thought I’d get a little bit candid. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time. These three pills help keep my head above water. I have been through several medications and dealt with all of the fun side effects like nausea, weight gain, etc.. Some days I’m on top of the world and others I can’t get out of bed. I don’t know how long I will be on medication; it might be a few years or it might be forever. Either way I am not ashamed. Even on my worst days, I am enough...and you are, too"

When I made this post, I was nervous. So many thoughts ran through my mind. I knew I was posting it for a reason, though. For many, social media serves as a highlight reel for their 'best' moments; but why can't we use it to speak open and honestly? 

I have experienced depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. As a first generation college student, navigating through undergrad exacerbated it. I still struggle now. 

When I first began taking medication for my anxiety and depression, I avoided telling people. Why? There was no reason to be ashamed. If someone breaks their leg, does society tell them to just 'deal with it' and move on with their lives? It doesn't.

I'm not telling my story for people to tell me how brave I am or anything like that; I'm telling my story so that those out there who are struggling with their mental health know that they are not alone. Seek help. Do not be ashamed. Keep your head held high. Even on days you feel weak, you are strong. There are better days ahead.

#AmbassadorTakeover #MentalHealthMatters #ThisIsPublicHealth
Hello everyone!

My name is Alexandra Fox and I am a second year Master’s student at the Rutgers School of Public Health (@rutgerssph). My concentration is in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Health Education with a concentration in Community Health Promotion from the University of Florida (@uflorida). For my #AmbassadorTakeover week (October 5th through October 11th), we will be talking about mental health. With that being said; Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!

I have so many exciting things planned for this week. I will be sharing my own struggles with mental health, highlight an organization that is doing incredible work to break the stigma regarding mental health in sports, and so much more.

2020 has been a tumultuous year for many people, making the topic of mental health *that* much more important. I hope that by sharing my own story and sharing pertinent information regarding mental health, I am able to be a champion of change in reducing the stigma surrounding it. No one deserves to suffer in silence! With this being said, are there any topics you would like me to discuss or shed some light on?

#TIPH #AmbassadorTakeover #MentalHealthAwareness
Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Griffin and I am ecstatic to be hosting this week's #AmbassadorTakeover for #ThisIsPublicHealth!

I am a Master of Public Health Physical Activity student in the Kinesiology Department (@knesumd) at the University of Maryland, College Park (@umdpublichealth). I am a Terp through and through and graduated from Maryland in May 2020 with a B.S. in Kinesiology and a minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation. I am also part of Maryland’s B.S./MPH accelerated program which allowed me to start my MPH my senior year of undergrad!

I am passionate about eliminating barriers to physical activity and examining the role sports and sexism play in the health of girls and women! In my free time I love to paint, watch basketball, and spend time outdoors!

This week I will be sharing information on societal and structural barriers to physical activity and possible solutions to these problems, but today I’d like to start off by talking a bit about my public health journey!

Please feel free to ask me any questions this week and share with me your thoughts in the comments! Looking forward to a great week!