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This Is Public Health, a brand run by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, raises awareness about education and career options in public health through student ambassadors, graduate fairs, partnerships, interprofessional activities, and other pipeline-building events for students.

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Hi everyone! On today’s #ambassadortakeover I thought I’d share with you a current student/classmate of mine and her experience @busph! I always find it helpful hearing from other students and what their experience is like as everyone’s differs! This is Meghan Walsh @_meghan_walsh! She is also a Health, Policy, and Law certificate! Here are a few of the things she does in and around campus and her passions such as @periodproject_busph in #publichealth!

As always please don’t hesitate to reach out about our experiences @busph! Happy Friday!
@aspphorg & the Global Network launched the TIPH Global Grant program this fall, raising #publichealth awareness in local communities around the world. Learn more about the grant & check out our prior collaborators’ work via the link in our bio!

#ThisIsPublicHealth #ASPPHgoesGlobal
Hi everyone!

My name is Juliana Barounis. I am a current second-year Master of Public Health student at Boston University School of Public Health @busph. My concentration is in Health, Policy, Law and Global Health. I’m excited to serve on this week’s #ThisisPublicHealth #AmbassadorTakeover.
During this week, I will share information about my favorite health topics and what got me interested in public health. I’ll also be sharing current news trends that I have been following, take aways from a few seminars my school is hosting, and stories of other students experiences @busph!
I'm happy to answer any and all questions you may have about my degree and experience in public health! 

I’m excited to kick off this week with you and hope you follow along!
Happy Veterans Day to those who have and are currently serving, and their families! Around the world, countries recognize a similar holiday either as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, marking the end of World War I. 

Veterans Day is meant to recognize and celebrate those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, whereas Memorial Day serves as a day to remember and honor the fallen. However, many veterans alive to celebrate this holiday may experience both gratitude and survivor’s guilt on this day. Survivor’s guilt is not unique to the military, but soldiers who survive a traumatic experience when their brothers and sisters (comrades) did not, grieve immensely. The deep rooted sense of camaraderie in the military breeds this familial connection and dedication to one another. If you know a veteran, reach out to them today. You might thank them for their service, but most importantly, let them know you’re there!

#AmbassadorTakeover #thisispublichealth
Hi everyone! 

My name is Alexis Donaldson. I am currently a second-year Master of Public Health student at Virginia Commonwealth University @vcupublichealth. My concentration is in Epidemiology. I’m excited to serve on this week’s #ThisIsPublicHealth #AmbassadorTakeover 

During this week’s takeover, I will share some information about the military community in honor of Veterans Day. We’ll dig into some of the challenges they face, mental health, and resources and organizations. I will also share a little bit about my journey into public health in case that is helpful for anyone, and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

I’m excited to kick off this week with you and hope you’re all having a great start to the week! ☺️
It's Election Day! If you have not already voted, today is the last day to cast your ballot. Check the link in our bio for everything you need to vote. Your voice matters! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  #AmbassadorTakeover #ThisIsPublicHealth
Join us for our November/December selection for the TIPH Book Club! We will be reading The Political Determinants of Health by Daniel E. Dawes. 

In this book, Daniel E. Dawes argues that political determinants of health create the social drivers—including poor environmental conditions, inadequate transportation, unsafe neighborhoods, and lack of healthy food options—that affect all other dynamics of health. By understanding these determinants, their origins, and their impact on the equitable distribution of opportunities and resources, we will be better equipped to develop and implement actionable solutions to close the health gap.

Please join us on GoodReads (link in bio) and read our kick off post! We ask that readers submit questions or thoughts every two weeks for the respective chapter. Then, three ambassadors will discuss them via Zoom and share the recording with you the following week!

Chapter 1-2 discussion starts November 15! We look forward to hearing from you!  #AmbassadorTakeover #ThisIsPublicHealth
Hello!! I am Courtney Blondino and I am taking over this week! I’m a fourth year Epidemiology PhD student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia (shout out @vcupublichealth )!! I’m so excited to be with you this week! We’ll be talking voting and some areas of my research — co-occurring substance use and mental health, and community based participatory research. I also plan to share some good news with you throughout the week! Please send me questions as they may pop up! Happy to answer them ☺️
#ThisIsPublicHealth #AmbassadorTakeover
TIPH Ambassador Alyssa R Shares #WhyIVote:

I #vote because my voice matters - as a woman and daughter of immigrants, my parents’ hard work to become American citizens has shown me how important it is to have a say here. Researching candidates and issues in preparation to vote in every election, national or local, also connects me more closely to the political goings-on around me and has taught me so much about our responsibility to be educated, active citizens. And of course, as we’ve all seen recently, public health and public politics are inextricable, so it’s extremely important to vote on those issues right now! “It’s never too early to start explaining to young people: ‘the government’ is you.” -Barack Obama #whyivote #thisispublichealth
Happy Saturday! #Ambassadors Ashley and Emily here. 

Are you searching for your authentic health career? One that best fits your unique talents, passions, goals, and lived experience? Are you wondering how others are navigating the uncertainty of finding a career during a pandemic? 

Join us tomorrow from 5-6 pm PST (8-9 pm EST) for a Q&A/discussion with author Jeffrey Oxendine as we wrap up our TIPH Fall 2020 Book Club. Whether you are a student or recent graduate, a health professional, or are considering a career change to the health field, this book provides the framework, exercises and insights you need to advance form where you are today to experience the joy, power, and success that comes from living your authentic life and career. 

Don’t miss this opportunity! You don’t have to be a member of our Fall Book Club to participate. See the link in our bio to register. We can’t wait to see you there!

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